Open Letter to the San Francisco Bohemian Club

July 4, 2012

Mr. Robert J. Boesch
President San Francisco Bohemian Club
624 Taylor Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Mr. Boesch,

Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored has joined a  coalition of some twenty-five social justice organizations and occupy groups to protest the San Francisco Bohemian Club’s practices at your annual summer encampments.

We are holding an Occupy Bohemian Grove protest in Monte Rio on July 14, 2012. For publicity and information on this event see:

Occupy groups from five cities are involved in protesting your annual summer encampment of the rich and powerful 1%. Given that it takes $588,000 in assets to be in the top 1% of the world richest people, we believe that a significant portion of your members fit this category.

Our group has attended the planning meetings for this protest, and want to inform you about the days events and make some policy recommendations for the Club to consider.

The Occupy Bohemian Grove coalition is planning a four hour public assembly from noon to 4:00 on July 14. During that time there will be speakers, music and a creation of care ceremony in opposition to your cremation of care and private talks by policy elites at the Grove.  KPFA radio will broadcast live from Monte Rio, No Lies Radio will video feed the proceedings on the internet, and Russia Today TV will be filming and interviewing activists.

We are not planning or promoting civil disobedience or trespassing on Grove property as part of the protest. We are not organizing a march on the Grove, as has been done in the past. Some curious participants may walk up the Bohemian Highway to see your gates.

Recommendations to the San Francisco Bohemian Club in a time of Occupy the 1%.


The 2,000 acre retreat, now privately held near Monte Rio, California, is in part an ancient old growth redwood forest with trees over one thousand years of age and;

The San Francisco Bohemian Club continues to exclude women from membership and;

Significant public leaders in the world give private keynote addresses (chats) on a daily basis on important policy issues, and;

The private happenings inside the summer retreat boundaries face continuing unproven rumors regarding nefarious behaviors and insider deals made by powerful elites.

We Recommend  that:

1. The Bohemian Grove recognize the rights of humankind to enjoy a fair share of the common heritage of the ancient redwood forest by opening the Grove to tours on a regular basis when club members are not assembled—

2. The Bohemian Club begin a policy of admitting women and arranging the Grove to accommodate both genders—

3. The lakeside chats and other addresses by key policy officials be made public on-line and transcripts prepared and published—

4. The Cremation of Care ceremony be transformed into a building of unity of care in the world and the ceremony be made public on-line—

5. The Bohemian Club set up an on-line live feed from the main stage and field circle, as events are occurring.

We strongly believe in full transparency of public figures giving lectures to a select few men and we believe that the privacy of your events is unnecessary in a time of increasingly inequality between the 1% and the 99%.

We think that the San Francisco Bohemian Club can demonstrate a belief in an open transparent democratic society by simply changing a few of your historical policies. As symbolic representatives of the top 1% in the world, it is time for you to exercise a responsibility to help build a fair sharing of the world’s resources starting with your own Club.

This letter has been publicly released. We trust you will take our recommendations seriously.


Peter Phillips
President Media Freedom Foundation

Mickey Huff
Director of Project Censored

Mary Lia
Fair Share of the Common Heritage

Andy Lee Roth
Associate Director of Project Censored

Bill Simon
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 71

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  • Stephen Gross

    You might have missed this….

    “Grove To Open Gates to County Homeless”
    by Maureen Dowdy

    In an unprecedented and totally unexpected gesture of compassion and generosity, the Bohemian Club has voted to allow its seasonal Monte Rio retreat to be used to shelter Sonoma County’s homeless. “We’ve got dozens of cabins just sitting empty for some 50 weeks a year” announced club spokesman, Red Rumpole at an April 1 press conference, and we might as well put them to good use.” The Grove has room to accomodate about a thousand individuals and is virtually empty other than for the two-week period during which the members have their encampment. “We’ve gotten some negative publicity as of late, what with all this talk about abusing children and human sacrifice,” stated Rumpole, while chewing on a small femur, “and we want the locals and the world to know we’re supportive when it comes to the needs of the community.”
    Rumpole’s reference was to apparent inflammatory remarks and graphics featured on the website, and on the radio talk show hosted by Texan Alex Jones (A cousin of infamous cult leader, Jim Jones). Jones’s images and allegations led recently, to the nighttime “invasion” of the Grove’s Monte Rio acreage by former Eagle Scout, Pat McGroyne, who is currently incarcerated in Monte Rio School’s after-school detention room on charges of posession of forbidden photos, particularly one of the Grove’s beloved past presidents, Salty Longpork, who demonstrates the best way to deal with the whiney and recalcitrant children of “new-age liberals” (see photo below).
    With bail set at $1.98, McGroyne is expected to remain in the detention room until his next hearing, scheduled for the day following that on which the Cubs clinch the World Series.
    “We know people (especially you ‘lefties’ and ‘pinkos’) think of us as elitist power brokers who enjoy our revels and self-indulgences, and we want to prove to the world we really care.” Suggestions that the temporary residents may be asked to do some work in return for their accomodations “is simply not true”, said Rumpole, and “only those who are bonafide Club members may participate in our ceremonies and rituals.” For the Grove’s protection, each “guest” will be asked to sign binding contracts and put up a bond to ensure theft and damage to Grove property. “We know it’s unconventional”, advised Rumpole, “but we feel justified in asking the Donor Clause be honored in case there are problems.” Because the majority of those who will be staying at Bohemian Grove are insolvent, the contract will carry a proviso entitling the Club to any profits realized by the sale of human organs, should any of the recipients have the misfortune to meet with (“God forbid”, intoned Rumpole) a serious accident. “All we need with our deep pockets is to be held liable for a mishap – our attorneys have advised us to make sure our a—s are covered”.
    The County Board of Supervisors hailed the Grove’s proposal as “a creative and painless solution to an ongoing problem”, and pledged to waive any permit fees the Bohemian Club might incur in their efforts to make the homeless feel more secure and comfortable. Applications may be dropped off at the Grove and will be screened by a team of Bohemian Club and County staff members during the next few months.
    Attached Thumbnails (click for larger view)