Deeper News Links 9/4/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft

Under Cover of Geopolitical Conflict:  TPP Negotiations Made Completely Secret in Desperate Bid to Complete Deal

Fusion Centers collect information on non-threatening groups

Syria’s Christians Risk Eradication

Egyptian Christians Under Attack

Can Congress Say ‘No’ to a Syria War

Kerry’s Warped Definition of War

Syria is Not Kosovo

Study Shows Major Internet Companies Violate User Privacy

Police’s facial recognition program becomes political issue in Ohio

FEMA updates its guide for nuclear plant alerts and notifications

Report: Congress leaves void on on detaining US citizens as wartime combatants

Is technology scrambling my baby’s brain?

US military intelligence involved in chemical attack in Syria

Complications in Use of Conventional Global Strike Weapons, Report

Naval Deployment Was Decided Before August 21 Chemical Attack

Has Eric Cantor Read the Constitution?


Senator Rand Paul grills John Kerry


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