May Day, Food not Bombs, and more

To the activist community, Greetings once again. Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on things that are going on here in Hampton Roads. Please continue to send us updates and we will post them all.

1) The YWCA has organized a “Stand Together Against Racism”. This will be tomorrow afternoon, April 27th, at 3pm. It will be at the Chrysler Museum in the Diamonstein Education Workshop. The exhibit opens at 10am and the discussion will begin at 3pm.

2) Occupy Virginia Beach is having Ann Wright speak Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Great Neck Park. They will have a cookout/potluck there from 3-7 at Shelter 3…more to come later in the way of directions, etc. She is a retired Army Colonel and was a diplomat. During the run up to the Iraq War she resigned from her her State Dept post. She has a book: DISSENT, Voices of Conscience, Government Insiders Speak Out Against the War in Iraq

3) Food Not Bombs will meet this Sunday as well. This is a great grassroots organization that is similar to and precedes the Occupy movement. They have no leaders or formal structure. They meet at the Park Place Baptist Church on Sunday afternoons to prepare vegan meals (food donated by the Five Points Farmer’s Market) to those in the community who are in need or who are homeless. After preparation they serve the food free of charge and it is truly a great service that is open to everyone who wants to participate. They usually start at 3pm. Call the Occuphone (757-298-6787) or e-mail the site for directions/information.

4) Father Greg Boyle will also be visiting the area and he is involved with a lot of community organization and activism in Los Angeles. By all accounts this will be a great opportunity. This will be Tuesday, May 8, from 7-9pm at the Church of the Holy Family (1279 N. Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23454).

5) There will also be a planning meeting tomorrow night at Al’s place for the Hampton Roads May Day, a celebration of labor, the working class, and their struggle right here in Hampton Roads. We’re currently planning to start gathering at the Commercial Place Park at noon and hold various activities, such as drumming, poetry, art, etc./prepare the park for the day. We’ll have a work group meeting at 4pm for the local Occupations, an action around 5:15 to spread awareness of the celebration of May Day, and then a regional General Assembly for Occupy Hampton Roads at 6pm. Call the Occuphone (757-298-6787) for directions to Al’s or e-mail the site here. We need to lock in a schedule and contact as many people as possible over the weekend. Seems like there is a lot of enthusiasm for this and we want to support the great things they are doing in NYC, Spain, and all over the planet.

6) There are also a lot of activists in the network who want to hone in on Citizens United with a lot of focus. There will be a meeting scheduled for May 9th to plan further activities. Details and location will emerge over the next week or so and we’ll keep you updated.

7) Next week, at the Occupy Norfolk GA (May 3rd), we will entertain nominations for the Spokes Council and for the working group representatives. The elections will then be held at the General Assembly in two weeks (May 10th). The assembly will put forth nominations for the Spokes Council and 3 at-large members will be elected. In addition to these at-large members each working group will also put forth at least one representative and one auxiliary representative for each working group (Finance, Legal, Communications, Outreach, Action). These representatives will attend the Spokes Council meeting and assume new duties as delegated per the recent proposals. We’ll continue to post the proposals and qualifications that we are looking for but please attend next week armed with ideas.

8) Also, there will be a seminar for small business and how they will be affected by health care reform. Very relevant and important topics include what Virginia as a state government is doing, how it will affect businesses, how to apply for tax credits, comply with the law, and so on. Please spread the word to business owners and contact or call 804-937-0752 for more information. Ok, that is all for this week. Please stay in touch and we will continue to update you as they come in. Virginia Social Justice and Liberty Coalition

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