Positive: Norway to buy 21 million emission reductions for 48 million euros

Norway will buy 21 million UN-backed certified emission reductions (CERs) for an average price of 2.28 euros each in its international tender to purchase carbon offsets, said the financial institution in charge of the deal on Monday. ‘Waste management is a growing contributor to the rising amount of harmful GHG emissions in Latin American cities and the CDM has proved to be the single most effective climate policy instrument to finance mitigation of methane emissions’, said Ash Sharma, head of Carbon Finance and Funds at NEFCO. Several developing countries have developed projects under the U.N.’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to collect and destroy methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from landfills.

Positive: Canadian housing starts unexpectedly rise in June

Canadian housing starts rose in June, bucking expectations for a modest slowdown in the month and suggesting the building sector added to economic growth in the second quarter after a brutal winter, data released on Wednesday showed. Economists said the report suggests construction will boost gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the second quarter.

Justin Sane Anti-Flag “The Press Corpse” at Occupy Wall Street

October, 2011 @ Occupy Wall Street, Justin Sane lead singer of Anti-Flag shows his support for Occupy Wall Street.

Water Woes: A Look at Shortages in 2014

2014 has seen one water shortage emergency after another grip entire regions. Some of the problems were manmade, others are Mother Nature’s doing.

Oregon Marijuana Activist

Laura “Lori” Duckworth talks to the media after Judge Mejia found Duckworth and her husband, Leland Duckworth, each guilty of a single count of felony delivery of marijuana, dismissing 24 other…

US embassy renames street in Beijing after anti China activist

US embassy renames street in Beijing after anti-China activist. The US state dept is challenged by reporters. People say the US supports all kinds of activis.

Sola Civil Hospital bears brunt of sweepers’ strike, Ahmedabad – Tv9 Gujarati

In Ahmedabad , Sola Civil government hospital in the city, went for a toss on with all the sweepers of the hospital going on a strike. The wards and toilets of the hospital remained unclean…

GHMC Workers strike continues | 10tv

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