Peace Prescription

By Mike Luckovich Related Entries July 31, 2014 Understanding Israel’s War as Racist Is Crucial to Ending Occupation July 31, 2014 Israel and Hamas Agree to 72-Hour Humanitarian Cease-Fire in Gaza

Honolulu super PAC blitz targets local council candidates By Nancy Cook Lauer W…

Honolulu super PAC blitz targets local council candidates By Nancy Cook Lauer West Hawaii Today A Honolulu political action committee has pumped tens of thousands of dollars into three Hawaii County Council campaigns, in each case eclipsing the money the candidates were able to raise on their own. Forward Progress is a super PAC formed July 11 by the same group in charge of the recently terminated Pacific Resource Partnership.

We Reap What We Sow: The Link between Child Migrants and US Policy

Seven-year-old children wandering alone through desert landscapes are the result of a long string of events that are now demanding a closer look from mainstream media and a wider audience in the United States. From military coups that overthrew democratically-elected governments to free trade agreements that destroyed the livelihood of countless independent farmers, the U.S. had a hand in many events that shaped Central America.

Pope surprises Jesuits for dinner on feast of Saint Ignatius

Vatican City, Aug 1, 2014 / 08:35 am .- In honor of the feast commemorating the founder of their order, Pope Francis made a last minute phone call to the head of the Jesuit General Curia expressing his desire to eat dinner with them.

Oppose the bombardment of Gaza!

What is unfolding in Gaza is a calculated war crime against a defenceless population of 1.8 million Palestinians.

“We are sniffing methane” – vast methane plumes discovered escaping from the seafloor of Arctic ocean

Just a week into the methane sampling program and SWERUS-C3 Arctic expedition scientists have discovered vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope. These early glimpses of what may be in store for a warming Arctic Ocean could help scientists project the future releases of the strong greenhouse gas methane from the Arctic ocean, their press release states. Results of preliminary analyses of seawater samples pointed towards levels of dissolved methane 10–50 times higher than background levels. ​Methane megaflare on Laptev Sea slope at around 62m depth.”We are “sniffing” methane.

Five tropical systems developing in the Central and Eastern Pacific

A train of developing tropical low pressure areas currently stretches from the Eastern Pacific Ocean into the Central Pacific. Five tropical lows include the remnants of “zombie” Tropical Storm “Genevieve” and newly developed Tropical Storm “Iselle”.NOAA’s GOES-West satellite captured an image of the Pacific ocean on August 1 at 12:00 UTC that showed post-tropical cyclone Genevieve’s remnants between three other systems.


[MS] Timeline Photos Fantasie von Übermorgen: Und als der nächste Krieg begann, da sagten die Frauen: Nein! und schlossen Bruder, Sohn und Mann fest in der Wohnung ein. Dann zogen sie in jedem Land, wohl vor des Hauptmanns Haus und hielten Stöcke in der Hand und holten die Kerle heraus. Sie legten jeden übers Knie, der diesen Krieg befahl: die Herren der Bank und Industrie, den Minister und General

[MS] ich fand die rolltreppe bequem, wie auch der terrassenartige aufgang etwas…

[MS] ich fand die rolltreppe bequem, wie auch der terrassenartige aufgang etwas vertrautes hatte, wie der eingang eines einkaufscenters oder flughafens jetzt gibt es einen aufzug statt rolltreppe und die riesige treppe ist vergleichbar mit dem aufgang zu einem tempel Kritik an der Domumgebung: Der ewige Streit über die Domplatte Vor 50 Jahren fand der Architektenwettbewerb für die Domplatte statt. Die Kritik am Ergebnis ist auch nach einem halben Jahrhundert noch nicht verstummt.

Gay men draw vaginas, illustrate the mysteries of female sexuality

The fun coffee table book is an exploration of “prevailing ideas we layer on body parts,” the creator said