Leland Ware: No Headscarves In Schools, No Burqas In Public: Colorblind Racism In France

Race and ethnicity are important but largely unacknowledged aspects of the immigration debates in France. The term “immigrant” has become a shorthand reference to ethnic minorities who are harshly criticized for failing to embrace French values and traditions.

Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey: Do Animals Need a UN Ambassador?

As a matter of animal welfare/rights, cruelty/abuse should have the same meaning for a dog in China as the U.S. Identifying animals by their nationality stretches sovereignty — people can be rabidly nationalistic but dogs cannot.

Lisa Schechtman: 4 Reasons the Detroit Water Shut-Offs Matter

Last month, the City of Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department began to shut off water service for around 3,000 customers a week, people who have fallen behind on payments by more than $150 or 60 days. Read more: Child Mortality , Usaid , Congress , Poverty , Housing , Water for the World Act , Children , Public Health , Water and Sanitation , Detroit Water , Sanitation , Education , Detroit Water Department , Human Rights , Water , Detroit , Wateraid , Global Poverty , Children’s Health , Detroit News

Susanne Dumbleton: Burma’s Democracy Struggle Hostage to Real Estate Boom

There is very little “free” about the market in Rangoon. Read more: Aung San Suu Kyi , Human Rights , Burma , Unicef , Myanmar , Penny Pritzker , Rangoon , Real Estate , Democracy , World News

Brian Dooley: Where’s the Ukrainian Far Right Now?

Ukraine’s far right has sunk to virtual electoral oblivion, and it’s hard to know where or if it will reappear. Its role in defending protestors against the Yanukovych government, overthrown in February this year, didn’t translate into widespread support in either the presidential election in May or in Kyiv’s municipal elections.

Rev. Chris Glaser: Thank God for Atheists!

I believe people of faith need to imagine a world without God. We then might take greater responsibility for our own lives and the circumstances of others, as well as life on this planet. Read more: Acts of God , Religion , God’s Will , Human Rights , Sin , Atheists , Evolution , Agnostics , God , Redemption , Faith , Global Warming , Religion News

Freeman Osonuga: The Rights of the Down Trodden

Development isn’t just about constructing roads, markets, school and proving electricity and schools, it’s also about ensuring that the poorest of the people are well catered for. Read more: Human Rights , Poverty , Africa , World Bank , Disabilities , Disability Rights , Un , Nigeria , Post MDG , Sdg , Impact News

Josephine d’Allant: Human Rights: How a Thriller Feature Film and In-home Toilets Help the Urban Poor

Initiatives from Nairobi, Jakarta, Dhaka, and Mumbai provide solutions to issues ranging from discrimination against refugees to lack of access to sanitation. These solutions raise awareness and provide much-needed services for vulnerable communities. Read more: Jakarta , Urban Poverty , Human Rights , Global South , Mumbai , Dhaka , Nairobi , Cities , Impact News

Brian Dooley: Washington’s Bahrain Problem Gets Worse

This week the Bahrain ruling family has revealed itself as an increasingly embarrassing, erratic ally for the United States. Monday’s decision to kick out State Department Assistant Secretary Tom Malinowski was shocking if not entirely surprising. Read more: Tom-Malinowski , Bahrain , Human Rights , Middle East , Manama , World News

Gaia Paradiso: What the World Food Programme, Hillary Clinton, Women and Nutrition Have in Common

I got the chance to be in an inspiring place where you can actually breathe knowledge and engagement for social-economic and human causes, namely poverty eradication and food access ( or accessibility) to all. Read more: Women and Agriculture , U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) , Women , No-Violence-Against-Women , Zero Hunger , Wfp , Fao , Empowerment , World Peace , Food Waste , Public Participation , Nutrition , Foreign Policy , Food Production and Distribution , Gender Equality , Education , Post-2015 Agenda , Human Rights , Knowledge-Sharing , Gender Gap , Global Food Security , Sustainability , Gender Analysis , Hillary Clinton , 2015 Milan Expo , Development Cooperation , Environmental Issues , Access to Land , Second-International-Conference-on-Nutrition , Diversity , Impact News