White House ‘Accidentally Emailed’ Torture Report Talking Points

A White House staff member ‘accidentally emailed’ non-classified talking points about a classified torture report to an Associated Press reporter. The document says a Senate report concludes the CIA initially withheld information about torture and secret prisons from then-Secretary of State Colin Powell and others. A Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation and detention practices after the 9/11 attacks concludes that the agency initially kept the secretary of state and some U.S

DC Protests Against Israel Slaughter In Gaza

On Tuesday, July 29 at 6pm, activists gathered outside the DC home of Secretary John Kerry, calling on him to stand tall against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and to push for a just ceasefire that includes lifting the siege of Gaza. Activists commemorated the over 1,000 deaths, especially the hundreds of Palestinian children killed in the Israeli assault.

GOP Stamps and Suits

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Constitutional crisis unfolds in the Philippines

The bitter political infighting in ruling circles is fueled by mounting social crisis, the pressure of US imperialism, and the drive towards dictatorship.

US officials push for closer military-strategic ties with India

The Secretary of State and Defense Secretary are visiting India to strengthen the partnership between the two countries as Washington intensifies its war preparations against China and Russia.

Lo cantaba Nina Simone
Lo cantaba Nina Simone Lo cantaba Nina Simone

Este pequeño teaser forma parte del corto “Lo cantaba Nina Simone” que empezaremos a rodar pronto. Esta es una de las secuencias del film que realizamos para recaptar fondos. Protagonizada por Andrés Herrera y Marc Rodríguez, dirigida por Mireia Llinàs y escrita por Josep Solé Blasi.

Mitro Releases a New Free & Open Source Password Manager
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Good security practices require us to use different passwords for most or all of the websites and services we interact with. For accounts of any significance, those also need to be strong passwords of one form or another . But if you combine those two requirements (one password per site, most or all passwords are strong) then remembering all of your passwords requires an inhuman display of memory.

Keep moving,

Keep moving, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, JUST ANOTHER BLOWN UP PALESTINIAN BABY KEEP MOVING.One Woman Demonstration ~ Hollywood Walk of Fame ~ July 30th 2014BREAKING THE SILENCE and EXPOSING THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH ABOUT GAZA. ~ Pro-Palestinian cause Artivism Performance on Hollywood Blvd. Performance-Artivism

Ever heard of Soros, the anti-semite (he likes most people dead, he doesn’t disc…

Ever heard of Soros, the anti-semite (he likes most people dead, he doesn’t discriminate if he turn a dollar from it and the investments pay off to expand the empire) who funds neo-nazis, socialists and whoever will play tool to further the World State of the Globalists. Here’s a drop of truth. George Soros admits to funding the Ukraine crisis www.hangthebankers.com George Soros told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend he is responsible for establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately contributed to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the State Department.



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