Closed containment – The future of fish farming

Closed containment is the future of salmon farming in B.C. Sea lice infestations, farm waste, disease and escaped farmed salmon could be distant, unpleasant …

A Superplume Is the Reason Africa Is Splitting Apart

Primordial gases confirm the cause of the East African Rift — Read more on

Return of the Arctic Sunrise

Those last days on the Arctic Sunrise in

CO2 decrease cause of Antarctic ice sheet growth in ice age

Climate modelers from the University of New Hampshire have shown that the most likely explanation for the initiation of Antarctic glaciation during a major climate shift 34 million years ago was decreased carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. The finding counters a 40-year-old theory suggesting massive rearrangements of Earth’s continents caused global cooling and the abrupt formation of the Antarctic ice sheet. It will provide scientists insight into the climate change implications of current rising global CO2 levels

Boat noise impacts development and survival of marine invertebrates

The development and survival of an important group of marine invertebrates known as sea hares is under threat from increasing boat noise in the world’s oceans, according to a new study by researchers from the UK and France. While previous studies have shown that marine noise can affect animal movement and communication, with unknown ecological consequences, scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter and the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) CRIOBE in France have demonstrated that boat noise stops embryonic development and increases larval mortality in sea hares.

♡ ☮ Was für ein tolles Lied ☮ ♡…

♡ ☮ Was für ein tolles Lied ☮ ♡ ╰დ╮Awesome song ╭დ╯ #unite ✊ for #peace ☮ #freedom #justice & #global #human #solidarity ✌ /Chris #OccupyVienna #FriedensmahnwacheWien #fmww #fmwö #waveofaction berge – 10.000 Tränen (Live im RAW Berlin) Unser Song zum Thema Tierschutz. Wir hoffen, damit auf das Thema aufmerksam machen zu können.

Raise your voice!!! #Belgium show #SolidarityWithGaza #Palestine #ISupportGaza…

Raise your voice!!! #Belgium show #SolidarityWithGaza #Palestine #ISupportGaza #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel #Humanity4Gaza #prayforGaza

Join & Invite others

Join & Invite others

Vaut mieux en parler avec un brin d’humour…

Vaut mieux en parler avec un brin d’humour… La réaction d’une dessinatrice au mouvement “Femmes contre le féminisme” C’EST LA VIE – Je n’ai pas besoin du féminisme parce que…

Florida is not in much trouble of losing its title as the #1 state in violent cr…

Florida is not in much trouble of losing its title as the #1 state in violent crimes towards the homeless any time soon. SMH 12-year-old Florida boy arrested in killing of homeless man A 12-year-old boy has confessed to shooting a homeless man in the head and leaving him to die on a Jacksonville , Fla., street, law enforcement officials announced Thursday.