Hobby Lobby Draws Protests Over Recent Supreme Court Ruling

One protester brought a hanger. Another dressed like a vagina. And dozens carried signs to demand that the U.S.

Popular Resistance Newsletter – This Revolutionary Moment

We are in the midst of a week of wonderfully creative actions to raise awareness of the need for real democracy. For information, visit In Venice Beach, CA, activists dressed as characters from the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars and marched in the Fourth of July parade taking on democracy-killing entities such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and money in politics.

Today’s Daily Dispatches: -Video from yesterday’s blockade in Detroite to stop t…

Today’s Daily Dispatches: -Video from yesterday’s blockade in Detroite to stop the water shut offs; -a training video on civil disobedience; -help needed at the Mattole Forest blockade; -One million workers on strike in the U.K. yesterday; -14 ways to help your local domestic violence center; -U.K.

Russell 2000 Slumps Into Red For 2014; Gold Best Year-To-Date

The Russell 2000 closed down almost 4% from last Thursday’s early close – its worst week in 3 months (and in the red year-to-date) . The Nasdaq miraculously scrambled back to unchanged from Payrolls but all major indices closed red for the week. Away from stocks, the USD closed unchanged (with notable CAD weakness and JPY strength).

Ninth Circuit Doubles Down in Garcia v. Google

After months of waiting, a Ninth Circuit panel  has finally responded to Google’s plea, supported by public interest groups ( including EFF ), journalists, librarians, other service providers, and law professors, to reconsider its disastrous opinion in the case of Garcia v. Google . The good news is that we managed to get the panel to revisit its opinion.

Airlift delivers relief to 50,000 IDPs in northeast

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Syrian Arab Republic DAMASCUS, Syria, 10 July (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has launched a series of daily flights from Damascus to the northeast of Syria to bring emergency aid to 50,000 Syrians displaced by the fighting inside their country. The 11 round-trip flights by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees began on Wednesday, with the chartered Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane leaving Damascus in the morning with supplies for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Hassakeh Governorate and returning from Qamishly in the afternoon to reload for the next day’s flight.

Regional Response Plan only 24 percent funded, putting refugees at risk

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, South Sudan Despite generous contributions from donors to the South Sudan Refugee Emergency, the revised Regional Response Plan (RRP) is only 24 per cent funded. The lack of funding for the critical needs assessed is causing further hardship and risks for the South Sudanese refugees. In all of the countries receiving South Sudanese refugees, namely, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan, more and more refugees who arrive are extremely undernourished and in poor health, suffering from varying degrees of psychological trauma, and in dire need of basic survival items, shelter, water and sanitation.

I’ve Never Seen the Israel-Palestine Conflict Illustrated More Profoundly Than This

The story of the historical conflicts in the region today called Israel and Palestine has been told many profound films, but it has never been told like this. Watch the video below, made by Nina Paley. The video is poignantly entitled “This Land Is Mine”

#EpicFail: Liberal Trolling Gone Wrong
#EpicFail: Liberal Trolling Gone Wrong #EpicFail: Liberal Trolling Gone Wrong

“Holly Fisher, a conservative Christian, has been getting insane amounts of attention recently by trolling liberals on social media over the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Unfortunately, she tried to up the ante one too many times and now she has unintentionally become the living symbol of how fundamentalism, no matter in what religion, looks disturbingly similar. After gaining internet fame for posing for a “conservative hat trick” by standing in front of a Hobby Lobby wearing a pro-life t-shirt and drinking out of a Chick-fil-a cup, Fisher wanted to find her next big political statement

98-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out Of Her Home
98-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out Of Her Home 98-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out Of Her Home

“A 98-year-old San Francisco woman is being evicted from her home of 50 years, and critics says it’s because the building’s owners want to sell the place to take advantage of the city’s booming real estate market. “I’ve been very happy here,” Mary Phillips told KRON 4. “I’ve always paid my rent, I’ve never been late.” Protesters gathered Wednesday at the offices of the building’s owners, Urban Green Investments, in support of Phillips.