2014 07 10 ASEAN Breakfast Call : Addressing The Homeless In Malaysia

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US Military Admits Spending Millions to Study Manipulation of Social Media

Part of a Long-Term Effort to Spread Propaganda Through the Internet The Guardian reports : The activities of users of Twitter and other social media services were recorded and analysed as part of a major project funded by the US military, in a program that covers ground similar to Facebook’s controversial experiment into how to control emotions by manipulating news feeds . Research funded directly or indirectly by the US Department of Defense’s military research department, known as Darpa, has involved users of some of the internet’s largest destinations, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Kickstarter, for studies of social connections and how messages spread.

Goodwill store in Washington finds skull of Indian child in a box

The Goodwill store in Bellevue, Washington. Photo from Seattle Goodwill Authorities in Washington are asking the public for help after a thrift store in Washington received a highly unusual donation. Someone dropped off a box with three skulls at the Goodwill in Bellevue last month

What Exactly Is ‘Racism’?

I want to look at two words that the State and its hangers-on have employed with much success on behalf of increases in government power. One is racism. The other is equality.

Sheriff Joey Terrell, The Coward of Habersham County

After nearly killing baby Bou-Bou, Sheriff Jerry Terrell*s maniacal jackboots immediately moved to cover up their crime, preventing the anguished parents from comforting their shattered 18-month-old, obstructing their view of the crime scene, and lyi…

War drums beat louder against China as Japanese imperialism re-emerges

Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Australia announced to the world that Japan is breaking from the shackles of the post-war “pacifist” constitution.

Death toll mounts in Israeli attacks on Gaza

At least 63 Palestinians have been killed since Sunday, the vast majority of them civilians, including more than a dozen children.

Alert, Bainbridge Island Friends! We are less than 10 shy of 1,000 Bainbridge Is…

Alert, Bainbridge Island Friends! We are less than 10 shy of 1,000 Bainbridge Island signatures on our local Move To Amend petition urging our City Council to pass a resolution in support of a constitutional amendment stating that “corporations are not real people and money is not speech”! (This is separate from Washington State Initiative 1329 and more important than ever, since, alas, I-1329 won’t be on the ballot this year.) Please go to and sign. (If you are unsure whether you’ve already signed, please sign – we’ll delete duplicates.) Move To Amend – Kitsap | Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Jack Lew on China’s financial market environment

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is calling on China’s financial leadership to improve the country’s markets.

Saruhan Hatipoglu on Indonesian economy

CCTV’s Phillip Yin interviews Saruhan Hatipoglu, CEO at Business Environment Risk Intelligence consulting firm, to talk about Indonesia’s elections and its impact on the country’s economy….