Greek PM Samaras: “Two tourists for every Greek”

Many puzzle about what Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ meaningful and mysterious oracle. He said that there will be “two tourists for every Greek”. What did the Prime Minister had in mind?


Palestinian Doctor Belal Dabour working at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza answered bianet’s questions. Dr.

The GOP’s 20-Year War on Health Care

Stop the presses: John Boehner admitted Thursday that the Republican Party’s long-awaited alternative to Obamacare needs a little more time in the oven. “You know, the discussions about Obamacare and what the replacement bill would look like continue. We’re trying to build consensus around one plan,” the Speaker told Hill reporters

Mayhem — A New Malware Targets Linux and FreeBSD Web Servers

Security researchers from Russian Internet giant Yandex have discovered a new piece of malware that is being used to target Linux and FreeBSD web servers in order to make them a part of the wide botnet, even without the need of any root privileges. Researchers dubbed the malware as Mayhem, a nasty malware modular that includes a number of payloads to cause malicious things and targets to

The Bubonic Plague is BACK and China Has Quarantined a Whole Town!

An entire town in China has been sealed off, with 151 people placed in quarantine since last week. This move came after a man died of bubonic plague, and others were feared infected, according to Chinese state media on Tuesday. Their are 30,000 people living in the quarantined region of Yumen in the northwestern province […]

This Is What Happened To Rapist When A Father Caugth Him Assaulting His 11-Year-Old Son

A father in Florida called the police after he walked in on a man sexually assaulting his son. But not the call came after the man left the suspect motionless and bleeding in an awkwardly position pile on his living room floor, according to police. The local Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that the child-rapist was […]

20 Summer Tips To Stay Alive: Tip 14 – Climb With Care

Climb with Care Here we present 20 easy-to-miss risks, and how to avoid or survive them. Stay alive this summer by following these simple tips. One tip will be given each day for the next 20 days.

How does the size of Gaza compare to where you live? Keep in mind, while the who…

How does the size of Gaza compare to where you live? Keep in mind, while the whole area is being bombed and exit into Egypt and Israel is impossible. There is no escape from the bombs.

עוד הודעת תמיכה מקבוצת…

‫עוד הודעת תמיכה מקבוצת מאנטיפה בלגית. אנחנו לא לבד:) Every support massage makes us stronger! Please share our activity all over !‬ Photos of ‎אנטיפה (Antifa)‎ Support strength and power from belgium. For a world without borders or nations.

ביום שני הולך אודי סגל,…

‫ביום שני הולך אודי סגל, סרבן גיוס נגד הכיבוש, להיכנס לכלא. הוא עושה זאת בעת הקשה ביותר- באמצע הטבח הענק שמבצעים שלטונות הכיבוש בעזה, ובתקופה של התעוררות לאומנית קיצונית ואלימה בארץ. שמעו את מה שיש לו להגיד, ובבקשה, שתפו

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