Democracy Now! 2014-07-11 Friday

Democracy Now! 2014-07-11 Friday Headlines for July 11, 2014 “We Should Be Protecting Children”: Rep. Gutiérrez Supports Funds for Humanitarian Crisis at Border “Worst of the American Spirit”: Advocates Decry Anti-Immigrant Protests, Urge Asylum for Children Gaza Debate: As Palestinian Deaths Top 100, Who’s to Blame for Escalating Violence? What Can Be Done

Tornado Peak Has Passed in Yet Another Quiet Season

June is likely to go into the 2014 books as the busiest month for tornadoes in what has been an overall quiet year. Tornado activity, which was initially on a record-low pace through late April, picked up significantly last month, and now the odds of a tornado happening anywhere in the U.S. on a given day are on the decline.

Picture This: Gnarly Neoguri, Double Rainbows, No LeBron

From Japan to Brazil to a place truly out of this world, stormy weather grabbed the headlines this week — well, aside from the LeBron James news  — and made for some truly stunning photos. Scroll down for our choices of the most amazing weather shots from the week, including grandeur of Typhoon Neoguri , the beautiful calm after the storm in the U.S. capital, and a storm with a really weird shape.

Big-Pharma Vaccines Deemed “Safe” by Big-Pharma Funded “Study”

July 3, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – RT’s article, “​ Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare – study ,” states that:  There is no evidence that immunizing vaccinations cause autism while any complications arising from their administration to children are extremely rare, new analysis comprised of 67 research studies has discovered. “There is strong evidence that MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine is not associated with autism,”the study’s results said. RT cites a “Pediatrics: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics” study titled, ” Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization of US Children: A Systematic Review ,” which claims:  We found evidence that some vaccines are associated with serious AEs [adverse effects]; however, these events are extremely rare and must be weighed against the protective benefits that vaccines provide.

Rally today in Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Rally today in Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Big Central Bankers: The Root of Pure Evil. The Major Source of Instability around the World.

It is time to look past the puppet leaders who are just the willing accomplices to carry out the plan for a world government creating order out of chaos. This is how the super wealthy operated through political puppets to carry out the agenda to rule the world. They can only do this by creating crisis and instability in sovereign nations who do not play ball with the bankers

The Emperor’s new clothes: The naked truth about the American police state

he most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself… Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”

Syria’s Marriage Brokers: Matchmakers Of Love Or Wartime Traffickers? / SYRIA DEEPLY IDLIB — In opposition-held areas of Syria, matchmaking offices specializing in marriage are becoming a popular alternative to wartime dating. “Our work is governed by supply and demand,” says Khaled, an imam and the founder of the al-Aman marriage service in the northwestern Syria town of Idlib. “Young men and women seeking marriage register here, providing their age, required dowry amount, place of residence, religious sect and social status: single, widowed or divorced.” Then Khaled and his staff identify a man or woman they think would be a good fit and introduce the two.

Bror Gunnar Jansson, Swedish Blues With Southern Fire

Photo:  via YouTube If it weren’t for his name discreetly written on the cover of his new album, you’d think Bror Gunnar Jansson’s  Moan Snake Moan might be the lost recordings of a 1920′s American delta bluesman. But no, it’s 2014, Jansson is Swedish, and he’s playing gigs around Europe. With his raw, dark and diabolical blues, the Swede, suspenders over his bow-tied shirt, hair slicked back, seems to be possessed by the same devil that met up with Robert Johnson one night at a Mississippi crossroads.

Seth Borenstein, AP: new unconventional fracking gas wells leak more than traditional wells

by Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer, June 30, 2014 In Pennsylvania’s gas drilling boom, newer and unconventional wells leak far more often than older and traditional ones, according to a study of state inspection reports for 41,000 wells. The results suggest that leaks of methane could be a problem for drilling across the nation, said study lead author Cornell University engineering professor Anthony Ingraffea, who heads an environmental activist group that helped pay for the study. The research was criticized by the energy industry.