The traumatization of young people in Gaza looks set to become a lingering wound…

The traumatization of young people in Gaza looks set to become a lingering wound of the latest Israeli airstrikes, adding to the burden of mental-health experts whose work to heal child PTSD sufferers in the territory has, yet again, been set back by renewed shelling. The latest wave of bombardments has made it impossible for child psychologists to finish the delicate task of rebuilding the mental health of kids suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from previous waves of conflict, according to a children’s rights group on the ground.

As Tax Collectors Grow More Aggressive Payers Are Caught in the Middle

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs doesn’t have enough power, or so the British Parliament is told. HMRC wants to be both judge and jury when it comes to recalcitrant taxpayers. It wants to the ability to “raid bank accounts” and to do so without a court warrant

The Deteriorating Economic Outlook

The third and final estimate (until the annual GDP revisions) of first quarter 2014 real GDP growth released June 25 by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis was a 2.9% contraction in GDP growth, a 5.5 percentage point difference from the January forecast of 2.6% growth. Apparently, the first quarter contraction was dismissed by those speculating in equities as weather related, as stock averages rose with the bad news. Stock market participants might be in for a second quarter surprise.

2014 Natural Disaster Damage and Death Toll Well Below Average

Extreme weather events and other natural disasters claimed the lives of more than 2,700 people and caused around US $42 billion in damage worldwide in the first half of 2014, but this was well below the first half of last year and a 10-year average, according to new research from reinsurer Munich Re. However, the briefing report warns that towards the end of the year the natural climate phenomenon El Niño may impact regions differently in terms of the number and intensity of weather extremes.


#Syria THREE IN FIVE SYRIANS SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL MILITARY INVOLVEMENT Johnny Heald from ORB International writes “This is a unique insight into public opinion in Syria. A majority of Syrians want international military involvement to help end the conflict and allow them to rebuild their livelihoods. They don’t believe the extremist groups best represent their views”

#Morroco’s support for #Palestine

#Morroco’s support for #Palestine Becky Loveless Mash’allah this is Today in MOROCCO … OMG they have so much support it feels so great I love you guys thanks for standing for Palestine 󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔❤️󾬔

Your comments on mobile platforms, content on YouTube, and posts on Facebook cou…

Your comments on mobile platforms, content on YouTube, and posts on Facebook could be censored. Whole websites could even be blocked.

Aquaculture guidelines under change

K’JIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) - An independent review panel is calling for an overhaul of Nova Scotia’s aquaculture regulations.  The two-person panel led by Dalhousie law professors Meinhard Doelle and William Lahey, was appointed by the province last April.  They recently released a draft version of the review that recommends sweeping changes be made to the current regulatory system, including more transparency between the aquaculture industry and surrounding communities.  “Our intention is to recommend a regulatory framework that will give people in coastal communities the opportunity to feel fully engaged and participate in decision- making of what does and does not happen in their communities,” said Lahey in a recent interview.  He describes that many people feel a “lack of confidence in the regulatory system,”and believes that communities, the province and and industry leaders alike will benefit from an open-book policy.  Lahey sees that “the industry suffers from what we call a lack of social license, meaning it might have approval from the government to do what it does, but it doesn’t have support from the community.” “The currently regulatory framework is highly discretionary,” he says.Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, oftentimes resulting in inconsistencies between regulations.  Stricter guidelines on licensing and inspection procedures, as well as the introduction of a classification system for salmon-based aquaculture to determine what regions are suitable to farm, are only a few of recommendations listed in the report.  The environment is the review’s top priority. Lahey believes more emphasis should also be placed on the well-being aquatic life, as healthy fish are an indication that aquaculture is in harmony with the natural habitat.  Increasing regulatory capacity will allow for Nova Scotia to have a world-class aquaculture and fisheries industry, he says.

June Tide

Summer features on sports and arts The latest Tide features derby girls, young hip hop talent in Halifax, and original reporting on mental health, labour, community initiatives, and other stories from the grass roots.  Check it out online in the attached .pdf, or find them at coffee shops and libraries around town. Happy reading! Files attached to this post:  june_tide_for_web.pdf

Stay awesome, GOP!

Stay awesome, GOP! Florida Judge Throws Out Voter Districts Favoring GOP Florida’s congressional redistricting map, which opponents including the League of Women Voters of Florida said favors the Republican Party, violates the state’s constitution and is invalid, a state judge said.